Why You Should Buy an Expired Domain Name: It is Important for Your SEO

Interested in buying a domain name? Why should you buy an expired domain? How does the SEO industry use expired domain names? Read this article and find out!

If you are planning on purchasing a domain name for your online project such as a new website, blog or e-commerce site, one piece of SEO advice is not to buy a brand new domain. It is better to buy an expired or deleted domain with a clean and reputable history in Google and other search engines. This type of a domain is known as aged domain and can have significantly back links with some history attached to them. In other words, the deleted or expired domains have some value in them.

Thousands of domains expire every day and there are various reasons for this. Sometimes the owner forgets to renew the domain, sometimes the owner doesn’t want to renew the domain on purpose, and etc. There are some really great writers and bloggers starting their own domains and for some times their websites start to attract visitors, grab attention, and gain popularity. After a few years, the bloggers or the writers lose the interest and the habit in maintaining their own site, as they are doing something else and don’t have the time to take care of the site anymore. This is the point where they decide to sell their domains at a lower cost or let the domain expire.

If you are interested in buying an expired domain, this is a perfect opportunity for you. If those domain owners let go of their precious domains, you can grab the domain as soon as possible, maintain it, and grow it until it reaches its full potential.

Here are the most important processes for registering a deleted or expired domain:

  • While the domain name is not expired, the visitors can still access the website’s content. The domain is registered with an official domain name registrar and the content is hosted by a web hosting company.
  • When the domain is expired, the domain registrar sends a notice to the domain owner to renew the domain.
  • If the domain is not renewed, the domain is officially expired and visitors have no longer access to the content.
  • Being expired means that you can immediately purchase the domain.


Buying expired domains is the best thing you can do for your website’s SEO ranking. This is because of the backlinks, traffic profile, and search engines’ understanding of the domain name. So, make sure to take a full advantage of the expired domain.

If you purchase an expired domain, the new visitor to your website will not be able to see the previous content but he or she is definitely going to be interested in your website if the topic is similar to what it was before.

Building a website from an expired and credible domain can take a significantly less time if you know exactly what you are doing and what you want to achieve. If you want to develop a website on an expired domain and you know how to do it or you want to increase a website traffic by redirecting the expired domain to your main website, purchasing an expired domain is definitely the best thing you could do at this point.

The expired domains come with a certain reputation and you can use this reputation to attract more visitors to your site, rank higher on Google, and increase your monthly revenues. Do your research and buy a valuable expired domain and enjoy its benefits!