Cheap Web Hosting Can Be A Terrible Option for Your Website

It is said that you get what you have paid for. Cheap can be very expensive especially if you dependent on your site to make you money. Whereas price is an important factor when considering a hosting company, the decision should not be made entirely on how much the service cost.

The best approach is a thorough analysis of one’s hosting needs. Only after that can you be in a position to know what hosting package to settle for and how one company compares to another in terms of pricing. But to solely go with the cheapest option can pan out to be a big mistake.

With that said, not all cheap web hosts are bad as long as they meet the hosting needs you have set out.

Below we look at some common problems that come with cheap hosting.

Ø Slow load times

The truth is you will come across some ridiculously cheap web hosts.  However, it is important to note that they are probably that cheap because the company hosts too many websites on one shared server. The websites shared on that server will have insufficient server resources which will lead to slower load times and frequent down time.

Before subscribing to a web host, you should search for their uptime record to avoid inconveniences of slow load times up once you are in it.

Ø Aggressive up selling

While no one objects to a company’s need to inform its customers of it many offerings regarding products, cheap hosting plans are notorious for employing some unscrupulous tactics to dupe unsuspecting customer to take the bait. For instance, some companies will deliberately mislead customers and prospects into trying a service for ‘free’ for a given number of days only to charge some premium prices at the end of the trial period for a service the customer did not even need in the first place.

Unethical as it sounds, it does happen with cheap hosting. Just to be on the safe side and to stay proactive, upon sign-up you want to double check that the company has not signed you up for any unnecessary software or trials outside the hosting package that you have opted for. It is a good habit to do your research before you consent to any add-ons.

Ø Poor or lack of technical support

It is unacceptable to find yourself in a bind in respect to your website on a hosting issue, and the technical staff is unreachable. Unfortunately, with cheap hosts, the delay in response or the lack of response entirely is not for lack of care about your concerns.  They just tend to be understaffed and simply cannot deliver on their promised technical support.

Reading customer reviews before signing up with a web host can help you avoid walking blindly right into these situations.

Make it a habit to research on any web host you may hear about before you jump into taking their services.  This research should extend to even the updates you may receive from such a company. Keeping up such vigilance could make the difference between having a well respected, reliable website or not.